See how they run

After many months of essentially sitting on my arse, I’ve decided to resurrect what was sometimes a right good giggle of a night. With any luck and with a fair tailwind, it’ll become a monthly affair.

The new venue is amazing. The cocktails, I’m told, are fairly nice. And to cap it all, it’s the day before my birthday.

For this first bash, we’ve got a right treat in store for you. I’ve managed to convince some real talent to come along and play records for your listening/dancing pleasure.

So showing me up for the charlatan I am will be Cardiff’s very own scratching, funking crunkmeister and A-Z stalwart Marky de Sade. Also laying down the dancefloor law will be the Morecambe and Wise of reggae/drum n bass/dubstep themselves, the one and only Bam Bam Sound.

Truly a treat for your ears.

If all goes well (and we pack the place/drink loads of expensive booze), then not only will the DJs get paid, but we’ll also get a regular monthly slot. So if you’re kicking the cat that night wondering what to do, be a looby and pop down.

The date? Saturday 16 April. The time? 8pm till probably 1ish. The venue? Why, that’ll be the Three Blind Mice, 5 Ravey Street (I kid you not), London, EC2A 4QW. Yes, yes, I got the postcode wrong on the flyer.

Running order now confirmed:

8-9.15: Ketsbaia
9.15-10.30: Marky de Sade
10.30-close: Bam Bam Sound



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