Carnival of the animals

atoz_0809_flyerAs the denizens of Notting Hill up sticks and bugger off to the country while their patch is invaded by mooing hordes, so the Aardvark to Zebra carnival float, err, floats down to The Green for another all-day beats, eats and booze-a-thon. Forget trying to shuffle with ‘rhythm’ down Ladbroke Grove with the thrill-seeking thousands and head for Clerkenwell instead, where you’ll be guaranteed the same party vibe without the same level of intense claustrophobia.

Spinning the discs that risk this month are:

Bgpz. Digger, Dixy, Ketsbaia, Lenodd, Marts and Monkaiboy.

Musics kick off at around 3pm, but don’t let that stop you getting there early and taking advantage of the Green’s fantastic lunchtime menu. Rumour has it there’ll be a meal deal and cider promotion down there, but as yet that’s unconfirmed.

Running order on the day is:

3-4: Marts
4-5: Bgpz
5-6: Dixy
6-7: Monkaiboy
7-8: Digger
8-9: Ketsbaia
9-10: Lenodd
10-close: Jive Bunny

Regulars will be overjoyed to hear you can now buy terrific new Aardvark to Zebra T-shirts.

Available in a variety of colours and two terrific designs and printed on high-quality material, they’re just £12.99 for a limited introductory period.


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