Augustine monkey business

Another month, another throw of the dice. And this time all our sixes have come up at once.

We’ve clashed with many different events over the brief history of this hallowed night, so with that in mind, we’ve persuaded none other than Bam Bam Sound’s Johnny Clash to spin us some tuneage. Apt, no?

Joining him at the decks will be reggae and dub-meister Ringo, all-round good egg and top quality Ableton-merchant Lenodd, the primate of all things funky Monkaiboy and resident sloshed-jockey Ketsbaia.

They’ll be lining up in this order (stc):

8-9: Ringo
9-10: Monkaiboy
10-11: Lenodd
11-12: Ketsbaia
12-1: Johnny Clash

Come along and see what all the fuss is about. And there’s a good deal of fuss, believe you me.

The Green. Clerkenwell Green. EC1.


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