Bonfire of the Sanities

Remember, remember the 5th of November
Reggaeton, garage and bass!
Dubwives and Ketsbaia
Are stoking the fire
While shoving that bass in your face.

Indoor fireworks at their most dangerous at the Three Blind Mice this bonfire night. Usual deal: 8-late, free entry, buy as many drinks as you like, leave quietly. It’s residential, don’t you know?


Third at Three

Well, we’re back again. And this month with a special bonus. No resident DJ.

This month, it’s all about the guests and what a treat we have for you. Not only do you get Digital City’s DJ Remote, but also, winging their way from Nottingham, come DJ Rico and Stu 1138. Prepare for a full-on session of basement Afrobeat, Brazilian boogie, broken beat and UK pointing-at-the-floor.

Surely a winning combination in anyone’s language.

Saturday 11 June, 8pm – late, Three Blind Mice, 5 Ravey Street, London, EC2A.

Set times t.b.c.

The difficult second

flyerSecond one of our monthly soirées in Shoreditch’s finest basement bar brings you the combined delights of resident Ketsbaia and his new records, Cardiff’s finest Marky de Sade and Disco Shed’s Del Gazeebo.

Slightly later start this time, but get there early to avoid disappointment as it got rammed last month.

Set times are:

9-10: Ketsbaia
10-11: Marky de Sade
11-12: Del Gazeebo
12-close: A-Z ‘All-Stars’ tag mix

Saturday 14 May, 9pm – late, Three Blind Mice, 5 Ravey Street, London, EC2A.

See how they run

After many months of essentially sitting on my arse, I’ve decided to resurrect what was sometimes a right good giggle of a night. With any luck and with a fair tailwind, it’ll become a monthly affair.

The new venue is amazing. The cocktails, I’m told, are fairly nice. And to cap it all, it’s the day before my birthday.

For this first bash, we’ve got a right treat in store for you. I’ve managed to convince some real talent to come along and play records for your listening/dancing pleasure.

So showing me up for the charlatan I am will be Cardiff’s very own scratching, funking crunkmeister and A-Z stalwart Marky de Sade. Also laying down the dancefloor law will be the Morecambe and Wise of reggae/drum n bass/dubstep themselves, the one and only Bam Bam Sound.

Truly a treat for your ears.

If all goes well (and we pack the place/drink loads of expensive booze), then not only will the DJs get paid, but we’ll also get a regular monthly slot. So if you’re kicking the cat that night wondering what to do, be a looby and pop down.

The date? Saturday 16 April. The time? 8pm till probably 1ish. The venue? Why, that’ll be the Three Blind Mice, 5 Ravey Street (I kid you not), London, EC2A 4QW. Yes, yes, I got the postcode wrong on the flyer.

Running order now confirmed:

8-9.15: Ketsbaia
9.15-10.30: Marky de Sade
10.30-close: Bam Bam Sound


Animal collective bargains

As the nights draw in, Aardvark to Zebra prepares to smooth you through the transition into Winter with its usual hotch-potch of styles to surprise and delight its loyal audience, i.e. you.

Spinning winners this time around will be: Dr Em, Ketsbaia, Nettie and Rob le Yé-Yé.

Usual drill – 8pm till 1am, The Green, Clerkenwell Green, EC1. Oh yeah, the date would help, wouldn’t it?

Saturday 24th October to you.

Pip pip

Carnival of the animals

atoz_0809_flyerAs the denizens of Notting Hill up sticks and bugger off to the country while their patch is invaded by mooing hordes, so the Aardvark to Zebra carnival float, err, floats down to The Green for another all-day beats, eats and booze-a-thon. Forget trying to shuffle with ‘rhythm’ down Ladbroke Grove with the thrill-seeking thousands and head for Clerkenwell instead, where you’ll be guaranteed the same party vibe without the same level of intense claustrophobia.

Spinning the discs that risk this month are:

Bgpz. Digger, Dixy, Ketsbaia, Lenodd, Marts and Monkaiboy.

Musics kick off at around 3pm, but don’t let that stop you getting there early and taking advantage of the Green’s fantastic lunchtime menu. Rumour has it there’ll be a meal deal and cider promotion down there, but as yet that’s unconfirmed.

Running order on the day is:

3-4: Marts
4-5: Bgpz
5-6: Dixy
6-7: Monkaiboy
7-8: Digger
8-9: Ketsbaia
9-10: Lenodd
10-close: Jive Bunny

Regulars will be overjoyed to hear you can now buy terrific new Aardvark to Zebra T-shirts.

Available in a variety of colours and two terrific designs and printed on high-quality material, they’re just £12.99 for a limited introductory period.

The slumbering beasts return


After an absence of more than six months, during which time houses have been moved, millions have been won and lost on the stock exchange and at least one bank has gone tits up, Aardvark to Zebra returns to its plush home at The Green, Clerkenwell Green, EC1.

And what do we find? Crippling recession, swine flu and Susan Boyle stunning TV audiences around the world. Clearly something has to be done. Not by us, of course. We’ll just provide the soundtrack, which this month comes from the able hands of Brighton upstart Creeeday, Yorkist purveyor of all things deep Jez Wells and nimble-fingered flyer designer Remote, plus resident train-wrecker Ketsbaia.

No running order as yet… names will be pulled from a hat on the night.

Lightning Head strikes

We’re back. And with something of a bang at that. Credit crunch getting you down? In need of some extra liquidity? Then point yer plimsols in the direction of The Green on 25 October for a recession-busting, booze-fuelled, beat-driven bonanza.

Aardvark to Zebra is proud to present ’13 Faces of Lightning Head’ by BiggaBush aka Lightning Head. This fantastic new long player is right up our street and we’re delighted to have the artist along to showcase some of the album tracks alongside his usual eclectic selections. Support comes from Digital City stalwart BarryDark, Cardiff scratchmeister Marky and Aardvark to Zebra resident Ketsbaia.

Things kick off at 8.00pm sharp and carry on until the earliest hour of the morning. We think this one will be quite full, so get along early to bag your spot. You can even pick up a copy of the album too.

Running order tbc.

Augustine monkey business

Another month, another throw of the dice. And this time all our sixes have come up at once.

We’ve clashed with many different events over the brief history of this hallowed night, so with that in mind, we’ve persuaded none other than Bam Bam Sound’s Johnny Clash to spin us some tuneage. Apt, no?

Joining him at the decks will be reggae and dub-meister Ringo, all-round good egg and top quality Ableton-merchant Lenodd, the primate of all things funky Monkaiboy and resident sloshed-jockey Ketsbaia.

They’ll be lining up in this order (stc):

8-9: Ringo
9-10: Monkaiboy
10-11: Lenodd
11-12: Ketsbaia
12-1: Johnny Clash

Come along and see what all the fuss is about. And there’s a good deal of fuss, believe you me.

The Green. Clerkenwell Green. EC1.

July… it was a fruitless month

July flyer

But for seekers of musical variety, it couldn’t be more bountiful (yes it could and that’s a crap link – ed.). For on the fifth of that month, Aardvark to Zebra returns to The Green with a cracking line-up that can’t fail to deliver a frothing, seething boil-up of beats and pieces.

Cutting the bullshit and lining up for your musical delectation are:

8-9: Dixy
9-10: Digger
10-11: Ketsbaia
11-12: Melvin Pickles
12-1: Mr Love

And we’ll be repeating our generous offer of a free mix CD to the first fifty punters through the door.

Come on down and see what all the fuss is about.